Manulife BlackRock Balanced Moderate Index Fund


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UNDERLYING FUND –> BlackRock Balanced Moderate Index Fund

Objective The BlackRock Balanced Moderate Index DC Fund is managed to provide a single investment that is diversified among stocks and bonds, manage risk through diversification, no use of market timing, investment in index funds and provide opportunity for capital growth through a 60% allocation to stocks.

Managed by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited

Fund managers Amy Whitelaw

Inception date July 1999

Total assets $1,416.2 million

Operating expenses (As at December 31)
Defined in Fund operating expenses section below





Top holdings within the underlying Fund
(As at September 30, 2014)

BlackRock Cda Universe Bond Idx-D 30.02%
BlackRock Canadian Equity Index-A 19.59%
BlackRock CDN US Eq Idx Tax 18.56%
BlackRock CDN MSCI EAFE Equity Idx 12.95%
BlackRock CDN Real Return Bnd Idx-D 9.98%
BlackRock CDN Global Dev RE Index 4.86%
iShares MSCI Emerg Mkt E.T.F. 3.95%

How the underlying fund is invested

Historical gross returns

Gross rates of return are shown before investment management fees have been deducted. The solid area represents the gross returns of the Manulife fund since its inception in November 2011. To provide further historical information, the shaded area represents the returns of the underlying fund for the period before the start date of the Manulife Fund.

* Only full calendar year returns are shown.

Overall past performance

This graph shows how a $10,000 investment in this fund would have changed in value over time, based on gross returns.

* For illustration purposes only. Includes mutual/pooled fund performance as indicated. Actual fund performance could be expected to vary.

Annual compound returns (As at November 30, 2014)

This table shows the historical annual compound total return of the Fund compared with the composite benchmark, as outlined in the Rate of return expectation below.
1-year 2-year 3-year 5-year Since inception Manulife inception date
MLI BR Balanced Moderate Index 13.11% 12.39% 10.80% - 10.67% Nov 2011
Blend: BlackRock Moderate Balanced 13.16% 12.41% 10.88% 8.99% -

Rate of return expectation

Over a four year period, the Fund is expected to track the performance of a benchmark comprised of the following indexes within 0.50% annualized:

• 35% MSCI ACWI ex-Canada TR Index (net of withholding taxes)
• 30% FTSE TMX Universe Bond Index
• 20% S&P/TSX Capped Composite TR Index
• 10% FTSE TMX Real Return Bond Index
• 5% FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed TR Index (net of withholding taxes)

Fund operating expenses

Manulife Segregated Funds may be structured as fund-on-fund(s) (invest into one or more underlying funds) or may be structured with no underlying fund. Some of the costs covered in operating expenses are the costs of operating and maintaining a fund, and include items such as legal, audit, trustee, custodial, and fund valuation fees. Operating expenses are incurred by the Segregated Fund and by the Underlying Fund (if applicable).

Manulife segregated fund operating expenses

Manulife does not specifically state the operating expenses of its segregated funds. Segregated Fund Operating Expenses may vary from year to year and are included in the Investment Management Fees.

Underlying fund operating expenses

Underlying Fund Operating Expenses charged to the fund for the year ending December 31, shown as a percentage of the Fund. Operating expenses are not guaranteed and will change based upon the actual expenses incurred and the assets in the fund. These Underlying Fund Operating Expenses are not included in the Investment Management Fee and reduce the rate of return of the underlying fund.