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Leith Wheeler Diversified Pooled Fund

Sub-Adviser: Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel

Last Review Date: As of June30, 2013Available In: GRO

  • For the ending period of June 30, 2013, the Manulife Leith Wheeler Diversified Pooled Fund finished strong and was ahead of its blended benchmark by 1.5% over the second quarter and 3.3% over a one-year period. Over a longer term period, the fund continued to beat its index and added 2.3% of value over the five-year annualized period. Within its Canadian balanced peer group, the fund posted first quartile performance rankings in most periods (three-month, three and five years) and a second quartile rank over the last 12 months. With the exception of international equity, all asset classes added value to the fund in the second quarter and over the one-year period. Fixed income and Canadian equities are managed internally while international and U.S. equities in the portfolio have been managed by Sprucegrove Investment Management Ltd since 1995. As of April 2013, Jim Gilliland was appointed President and CEO of Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel. Mr. Gilliland joined the firm as Head of Fixed Income in 2009 and has been a member of the firm's Management Committee and Board of Directors in the last three years. Leith Wheeler's investment teams have consistently remained deep and stable. The manager remains committed to finding companies that have attractive valuations, good business models and strong management teams. IMS remains comfortable with the investment team in place and are confident in the process that they employ. There are no concerns with this Fund.